Is your hospital on their Magnet Journey?

Critical Care Academy doesn’t just help nurses—we partner with hospitals and large healthcare organizations across the United States to prepare for the CCRN exam. Nurse certification is crucial to creating a safe, professional environment for your patients. Certifying your nurses helps you:

Increase Retention for CCRN Certification Exam : Critical Care Academy

Increase Retention:

There’s a severe shortage of nurses, which means you want to retain as much of your staff as possible. Training is a great way to invest in your team, boosting morale, skills, and retention rate.

Learn about patient safety : Critical Care Academy

 Protect patient safety:

Enhance your staff’s skills through certification. This keeps your team’s knowledge fresh, which is essential to protecting your patients and improving outcomes.

Competitive - Min : Critical Care Academy

 Stay competitive:

The CCRN Certification differentiates your hospital and helps it achieve Magnet status.

Risk Min : Critical Care Academy

 Reduce risk:

Empower your nurses to make informed decisions. The CCRN Certification helps them do that.

Certifying your entire staff enhances the value of your workplace environment.

About the Critical Care Academy review course

Critical Care Academy is available for white-label use to large hospitals. Our enterprise model allows you to educate all of your staff in one engaging, easy-to-use platform customized to your needs.

The enterprise edition of Critical Care Academy arranges online course material for access by your entire hospital or group, with exclusive access to the course just for your nurses. The enterprise edition includes:

– A group-specific discussion board, where your nurses can gather to review or ask questions.
– Live webinars and online coaching to ask about the material.
– Mobile-friendly, self-paced course: Give your nurses the freedom to study at their own pace before they meet with the group.

Enroll your team in Critical Care Academy to pass the CCRN exam—100% guaranteed.

Certify your entire team

Looking for a LIVE classroom seminar? We offer that too!

Enroll your staff in Critical Care Academy for a hospital-wide certification program that fits your needs.