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Here’s Why You Should Do A CCRN Review Course

Many of us walked out of our NCLEX exams thinking, “I will never have to take another test again!” After years of studying and exams, most nurses are not quick to jump at the next opportunity to do it all over again. Indeed, once we get into a healthy (hopefully) rhythm balancing work and life obligations, the thought of throwing a big test into the mix seems overwhelming without the right CCRN Review help.

One of the biggest hold-ups for nurses seeking professional certification is that it can take up too much of our time. But, seeking out professional certification is one of the best things you can do for yourself, your patients, your employer, and the nursing profession. So, what is the trick to obtaining your CCRN certification while not losing control of your other duties? A good review course

Review Courses Help You Pass

Let’s not beat around the bush: a review course is the best way to increase your odds of passing the CCRN exam. Taking a review course helps you hone in on what you actually need to know on test day. People who do not do a review course often put a lot of time and effort into focusing on subjects that are not as heavily represented on the exam. 

Additionally, a review course helps you track what you have learned and gives you resources for checking your progress, such as frequent practice questions and test questions. If you take a review course with an instructor and community resources, you can also reach out for further clarification on topics that are more challenging to understand

CCRN Review

Finally, there are a few review courses that offer a money-back guarantee. These courses make it their business to ensure that you do pass and you reach your professional goals.

Review Courses Can Help You Earn More Money

CCRN Review

Nurses with “CCRN” behind their name have more potential for higher earnings. The reason why many employers pay CCRN nurses more is because their skillset is worth the investment. CCRN nurses have better patient outcomes and also provide more leadership within organizations. Therefore, getting your CCRN is not only good for your professional goals and your organization, but it can also fill your bank account more quickly.

For nurses concerned about the cost of a review course and the CCRN exam, it is helpful to know that many employers will reimburse you for the cost of your exam and even your review course, especially if you pass. If you are thinking about taking the CCRN exam, talk to your unit supervisor to see what incentives and support your department can offer.

Review Courses Count as Continuing Education Credits

All organizations require some level of continuing education units (CEUs). These mini-classes help health care providers stay up-to-date on current evidence-based care. Often, we forget to complete these courses until the deadline is nearing, as our primary focus is on direct patient care.

One of the benefits of some CCRN review courses is that the credits can be transferred as CEUs. For nurses who are studying for the exam, this can be a nice perk because you are already investing so much time into furthering your knowledge base in your specialty.

CCRN Review

How to Choose a Review Course

Now you know the benefits of taking a CCRN review course, you now have to make the decision on what type of review course you should take. First of all, you will need to choose the delivery method: do you want to do an in-person class or an online course? Secondly, if you select an online format, you will need to decide if you want a self-paced course or a course with set times and specific deadlines. 

What type of course you choose really depends on what type of learner you are and how disciplined you are with studying.



In-person CCRN review courses

People who need to be in a classroom setting in order to focus on the material fully often do best in an in-person course. These courses are usually offered over several consecutive days (like a long weekend), so they can be ideal for people who are willing to absorb a lot of information all at one time. However, they are usually not a great option for people who cannot be away from home or work for several days in a row and for people who need to be more engaged with the material.

CCRN Review


Online CCRN review courses

If you think you can be self-motivated to complete an online review course, this can be an ideal option if you need more flexibility in your schedule. Unfortunately, many nurses have too many obligations to commit to an in-person course which often requires travel. 

If you plan to go the online route, you will want to discern how much flexibility you really want. Some courses offer set class times online that you have to watch, whereas others allow you to check in and study on your schedule. If you are an on-the-go learner or want to maximize any moments of downtime with some studying, look for a course that offers mobile access to the content.

CCRN Review

Why Critical Care Academy Is Suitable For All Learners

Critical Care Academy is an online CCRN review that is self-paced and mobile-friendly. The course material is delivered in video modules presented by real critical care nurses. The 10 different course modules contain short videos that allow you to really dive into a specific topic and then revisit it as needed.

Critical Care Academy offers over 100 practice questions as you go through the course, along with practice quizzes and a final practice exam. It also connects you with a network of CCRN experts and other nurses studying for the exam in discussion boards that help further your understanding of particularly complex topics. 

Critical Care Academy has a mission of saving one million lives by helping 100,000 nurses achieve certification

Critical Care Academy offers the most innovative learning platform that will guarantee

 you pass your exam on the first try so you can get back to what you do best: saving lives.