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CCRN Online Review Courses vs. In-person: Which Option Is Best For You?

Find out what delivery option best suits your learning needs.

Most nurses know that a CCRN review course is one of the best ways to prepare for an exam. Review courses not only help you know what you need to know, but they also give you structure and confidence in your studying. If you have made the decision to take a review course, you are already making significant progress toward achieving CCRN certification! But now, you have to decide to either register for a CCRN online review course or an in-person course. Both delivery methods can have tremendous benefits, so let’s take a look at what option is best for you.

Benefits of Online Review Courses

Online learning has made enormous strides in the past decade. It is one of the most accessible forms of education and has given adult learners an excellent platform to further their careers and even switch career paths.

Because of the advancements in online learning, students can now engage with their educators and peers wherever they are in the world. What once may have felt quite impersonal is now, in fact, very personal. 

Traditionally, CCRN courses were only offered in-person. They were typically held in a conference center-like atmosphere in larger cities and lasted 1-3 days. Sometimes, you had to take off work or even travel to get to review courses.

CCRN online review courses have made information accessible to students anywhere with an internet connection.

ccrn online review course

People who take online review courses love the flexibility, independence, and accessibility of online learning. Additionally, online learning makes it easier to review material until you have a thorough understanding. Online review courses may offer the following course features:

  • Video modules
  • Practice questions and quizzes
  • Access to CCRN experts
  • Discussion groups
  • Desktop and mobile platforms
  • Supplemental materials
  • Live Q&A’s
  • CCRN review books to accompany your studies

Online learning meets so many of the needs of the adult learner. Adults have little extra time to devote to studying, so information needs to be concise and easily accessible whenever you have a free moment. There are also few financial assistance opportunities for adult learners, so courses need to be cost-effective. Finally, information needs to be delivered in a variety of formats to meet different learning needs.

Benefits of In-Person Review Courses

ccrn online review course

Some learners just need to be present in a classroom-like setting in order to get the structure and the instruction they need. This need is understandable, as most of us have only ever had our education delivered in a classroom setting.

In-person learning often feels more personal and makes you feel more connected to your instructor and your peers. It also lets you ask questions in real-time and allows your instructor to revisit material or explain it differently if you are having trouble grasping specific concepts.

Additionally, in-person instruction gives more space for real-world examples that can help you better retain information.

With in-person review courses, you are more able to engage with tangible learning materials, including:

  • Handouts
  • Textbooks
  • Group work
  • Demonstrations 
  • Simulations

In-person review courses also provide you with structure, which can help people who struggle to follow a study schedule or have difficulty with self-motivation (no judgment – we have all been there). The need for structure is especially true for people who are constantly juggling the demands of both their nursing careers and personal lives. Sometimes, you need to schedule time away from everything to focus on your review material.

Cons of Online Review Courses

Perhaps the biggest downside of online learning is that you need to be self-motivated. You actually need to log into your online course and find a time to listen to and engage with the material. This can be challenging for many people, especially if they are studying in a place with distractions (like home). 

Additionally, people sometimes need that in-person relationship with an instructor and other students to really understand the material. Indeed, there are also limitations with technology that can interfere with your ability to complete an online course.

Furthermore, you do need at least a minimum level of computer literacy to complete a course. Fortunately, nurses now have to utilize computers every day to perform their duties in acute care, so all nurses should be able to navigate through an online course.

ccrn online review course

Cons of In-Person Learning

ccrn online review course

In-person learning can take a lot of time, is costly, and may force you to travel and take time away from work. Thus, nurses often opt for online formats because they are more accessible and flexible with their schedules. In-person courses are usually lecture-based, which is less effective than other learning modalities. Often, instructors have to rush through the material to cover everything in a short amount of time. Thus, people often leave review courses and have to keep studying more on their own time to fully grasp CCRN concepts. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person review courses are not readily available because there is too much risk in spreading the virus. Thus, nurses who prefer to take an in-person review course may have to wait to get their CCRN certification until in-person learning is considered safe once again.

How to choose what is best for you

Now that we have reviewed the pros and cons of each learning format, think about how you best learn. 

  • Do you like to learn by hearing, seeing, practicing, or reading? 
  • Also, think about your schedule. Are you able to self-motivate complete online learning materials, or do you need the structure and commitment of an in-person course? 
  • Finally, think about the cost. Generally, in-person courses are more costly than online courses, but you may be able to have your employer reimburse you for your course fees for either CCRN Online Review or in-person review courses.
ccrn online review course

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