CCRN certification is essential for nurses who care for critically ill patients. It designates that you have built a significant knowledge base in critical care nursing, and you have reached a specific amount of hands-on experience. Nurses who have their CCRN have better patient outcomes, are more hirable, and are often given special incentives by their employers.

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With hands-on job experience, a CCRN review course may seem like a waste of money. However, you will need more than your on-the-job experience to pass the exam.

To obtain your CCRN certification, you must complete all components of the CCRN certification application. Learn more today!

The CCRN Certification Exam handbook can feel overwhelming. Yet, with these 8 simple steps, you will be able to better understand how to succeed in earning your CCRN designation.

A CCRN certification course can increase your chances of passing the exam by providing intensive, focused study on exam content and test-taking strategies.

Nurses need to meet specific CCRN certification requirements, including a valid RN or APRN license, in order to sit for the CCRN exam

Learn why becoming a CCRN can accelerate your career and help you save more lives If you currently work in critical care

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